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Our trainers are experienced and qualified in delivering a range of training courses to small businesses and large multinational corporations. With over 7 years experience, we have conducted training to organisations across the whole of the UK to varying audience sizes.

Our courses are entirely results driven and developed from scientifically backed research in tandem with real industry and life experience. 

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health

Gain a genuine insight and understanding into a number of mental health conditions. We will help you to identify more subtle signs of poor mental health in the workplace. Develop a detailed understanding of what issues employees face and how to overcome them. 

We will equip you with the skills to detect high functioning mental illness at work, as well as the tools to provide genuine emotional support. 

Stress Management


Change the way you think about stress. When stress is not avoidable, and/or is outside of your control, trick your brain into seeing this as a positive experience and allow your adrenaline to drive you to success.

We will take you on a journey of discovery to help you deal with stressful situations more effectively. Not to be missed by individuals in high pressured roles. 

Conflict in the workplace


Stop seeing conflict as the end of a relationship and start seeing it as an opportunity to deepen your relationships. Learn how to better understand yourself through taking a closer look at your reactions to conflict and learn to hear what people are really communicating.

See anger and agitation as amplifiers of a deeper message rather than just an attempt to intimidate. 

Self management and organisation


Our self management training course is designed to help you be a more productive version of yourself. Relearn everything you thought you knew about utlising your strengths.

Discover the power of saying “no” because self care isn’t optional, and learn ways of managing your time more effectively to help increase your productivity, at work and at home.


4.8 rating 267 reviews

Terry F.         

I enjoyed the training that my company provided for us. Very informative and engaging.

Posted 7 months ago

Angela Tietze       

Fun, informative and engaging. Such a big weight off  my shoulders now.

Posted 2 months ago

Simon D.         

Good location for the training. Easily accessible and interesting course. 

Posted 4 months ago

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It is often our deepest pain that leads to the biggest growth.

Feelings are just that - they are active. They give us information about our circumstances and our environment. They help us to assign meaning to events. They help us to determine when we are experiencing the best days of our lives, and also our worst.

Because they are so active, feelings change and evolve and adapt all of the time. So whilst it is important to pay attention to our feelings and to experience them, remember that even the worst feelings will pass.

You are not a passenger in your life. You have the ability to create change. You are stronger than you feel.

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Healing is not linear. It hurts, it is uncomfortable, and it has no concrete end point.

It hurts to clean a wound, and yet it is necessary for healthy healing to take place. The same can be said for our emotional wounds.

Trust the process, and above all else, trust yourself.

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