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What Is Bespoke Mental Health Training?

Transforming mental health training from a one-size-fits-all approach to bespoke solutions is like upgrading from a generic t-shirt to a tailored suit. Bespoke mental health training is about crafting personalised strategies to help individuals and organisations better understand, manage, and champion mental health and well-being. 

Rather than settling for off-the-rack courses that might not fit the bill, bespoke training moulds itself to each business or group’s unique needs, hurdles, and goals. This tailored approach ensures the content hits home, making learning more captivating and impactful. 

Bespoke mental health training covers a broad spectrum of topics, from spotting signs of mental health challenges in the workplace to devising tactics for cultivating a supportive environment. It’s not just about raising awareness but also about arming employees, managers, and leaders with the right tools to navigate mental health issues effectively. 

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    What sets bespoke mental health training apart is its flexibility. Courses can be customised to cater to different organisational tiers, span various industries, and consider the specific cultural dynamics of the workplace. This adaptability means the training isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical and actionable, making it suitable for any industry, including yours. 

    By investing in bespoke mental health training, UK businesses demonstrate their dedication to their employees’ well-being, foster healthier work environments, and chip away at mental health stigma. It’s a crucial step toward acknowledging mental health as integral to workplace wellness. 

    Which Industries Do We Work With?

    At PMAC, we recognise that every industry faces mental health challenges in the workplace.  

    That’s why we’ve tailored bespoke mental health training programs to address the specific needs of various sectors.  

    Our approach ensures that your organisation receives training that isn’t just relevant but truly impactful, fostering a supportive and resilient workplace. 

    Here’s a breakdown of the major industries we collaborate with: 

    • Healthcare: Given the immense pressure healthcare professionals endure, our training hones in on stress management, building resilience, and nurturing psychological safety among staff. 


    • Education: Educators deal with unique stressors, so our programs tackle workload management, supporting student mental health, and creating inclusive classroom environments. 


    • Finance: We customise our training to assist banking and finance organisations in navigating high-stress environments, preventing burnout, and promoting mental well-beingg. 


    • Technology: With the ever-changing tech landscape, our courses for the tech industry concentrate on change management, averting tech burnout, and supporting mental health challenges in remote work setups. 


    • Manufacturing: In the manufacturing sector, we reduce workplace accidents by boosting mental well-being, managing stress, and cultivating a culture of safety and support. 


    • Retail: Our tailored training for the retail industry addresses stress from customer service, team well-being, and smoothly managing fluctuations in seasonal workloads. 


    • Hospitality and Leisure: For this dynamic sector, we offer strategies for coping with customer service demands and irregular schedules and creating a positive work environment for all staff. 

    Our bespoke mental health training is adaptable and can be customised for any industry not mentioned above. This ensures that every business can efficiently and effectively prioritise mental health and well-being. 

    The Benefits of Bespoke Mental Health Training

    In today’s whirlwind of deadlines and pressures, putting mental health first in the workplace has become essential. That’s where bespoke mental health training steps in, offering a personalised approach to tackling each organisation’s unique challenges. This tailored method isn’t just a luxury—it’s a must for nurturing a supportive and robust culture. 

    Bespoke mental health training ensures that every part of the program meets your team’s specific needs and your company’s big-picture goals. By focusing on customised solutions, organisations can ramp up engagement, break down the stigma surrounding mental health, and arm employees with practical tools to handle stress, anxiety, and other mental health hurdles. 

    Workday stress

    Investing in bespoke mental health training brings a host of benefits. First, it showcases a dedication to employee well-being, which can boost morale, job satisfaction, and loyalty. Second, it produces a more understanding workplace where employees feel valued and supported. This, in turn, can significantly reduce absenteeism rates and ramp up productivity, as employees are better equipped to tackle stress and stay focused. 

    Moreover, bespoke mental health training can equip managers and leaders with the know-how to spot signs of mental health issues and provide the proper support, creating a safer, more inclusive workspace. By taking a proactive stance on mental health, businesses meet health and safety obligations and position themselves as trailblazers in nurturing employee wellbeing. 

    Integrating bespoke mental health training into your organisation’s playbook is an investment in your most precious resource—your people. By doing so, you’re sculpting a healthier workplace where everyone is empowered to unleash their full potential. 

    Great Neurodivergence for Managers webinar - very passionately delivered and Hayley is extremely knowledgeable about her subject matter. Would recommend!
    Kirsty Watson
    Kirsty Watson
    I recently joined a free webinar and it was fab! Very informative without feeling overwhelming or boring.
    Jessica Stone
    Jessica Stone
    Our company used PMAC for various bespoke training sessions and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Communication was excellent and efficient, and the sessions themselves were incredibly helpful, engaging and enjoyable. The PMAC team were a joy to work with and we look forward to having them back again soon.
    Glass Marketing
    Glass Marketing
    Really informative and gave me a good insight into how Neurodiversity affects things. Would 100% recommend.
    Lauren Yates
    Lauren Yates
    The Neurodiversity in the Workplace session I attended was brilliant. Since my son received his Autism diagnosis, I have attend lots of training, webinars and conferences. This session was by far the most informative. It was delivered with enthusiasm and by someone with lived experience. I would highly recommend this session.
    Helen Harris
    Helen Harris
    Attended the Neurodivergence in the Workplace bitesize webinar. A lot of content covered in 45 minutes by the wonderful Hayley. Extremely informative and helpful in how neurodivergence in the workplace can be better supported. Thank you pmac team.
    Max Last
    Max Last
    We had a training session provided by Hayley from PMAC. The training was informative, engaging and all participants were encouraged to participate during the session. Would definitely recommend Hayley and PMAC if you have any training needs! 5* all the way!
    Kaine Beetham
    Kaine Beetham
    PMAC wrote two articles on mental health issues for unpaid carers which were published on our website and in our magazine, Carers News. We were delighted with the quality of the both the pieces, particularly how they related to our target audience, and the positive response they received.
    Carers Support Centre
    Carers Support Centre
    I approached PMAC for some training earlier this year to improve my ability to support our staff members. The training was absolutely brilliant. They phoned me in advance to get an idea of what exactly I needed, and how they could best tailor it to our business/ individuals. This really helped to personalise the experience - I've had so many instances of generic training in the past - it was great that they considered what elements they could specifically touch on in order to make the training bespoke for us. On the day itself, we did virtual training (although in person was also an option). The quality of the video/audio was great. The trainer (Hayley) was absolutely wonderful. She had prepared an extremely thorough and engaging presentation for us. The training lasted for 4 hours but had a couple of breaks in which did help. It was great to have training from someone who has such a well rounded knowledge of the issues we wanted to learn about, and her delivery was excellent - she was open to answering uncomfortable questions - and encouraged us to be open and not shy away from what could have been quite delicate issues. She then followed up the training with the power point, and assured us that we could call for help again if needed. 10/10 experience - would very very highly recommend! Thank you Hayley and Peter for all of your help!
    Charlotte Kippax
    Charlotte Kippax
    Hayley is a really engaging presenter and the two ‘Introduction to Neurodivergence’ webinars that she ran for us were excellent. The content was super interesting and informative, and it was a great opportunity to open up conversations in the team about neurodivergence. The feedback from everyone (myself included!) was really positive and I’d definitely recommend PMAC to anybody looking for mental health training.
    Erica Mackay
    Erica Mackay

    What Topics Can We Cover?

    At PMAC, we specialise in crafting tailored mental health training for businesses throughout the UK. Our training is tailored to fit your organisation’s unique needs.  

    Our comprehensive courses delve into a wide array of topics aimed at boosting your workforce’s mental health and well-being.

    Here’s a glimpse into the issues we can seamlessly weave into our bespoke training solutions: 

    Mental Health

    Mental Health Awareness: Equipping your team with essential knowledge to recognise and support mental health issues in the workplace. 

    Stress Prevention: Providing strategies and practices to dial down stress levels and foster a healthier work environment. 

    Neurodivergence: Understanding diverse neurological conditions and cultivating an inclusive workspace for all employees. 

    Anxiety Management: Sharing techniques to dial down anxiety levels, fostering a more serene and productive atmosphere. 

    Eating Disorders: Raising awareness and offering support strategies for individuals grappling with eating disorders. 

    Improving Resilience: Building resilience in your team to effectively tackle challenges and bounce back from setbacks. 

    Conflict Management: Equipping your workforce with skills to resolve workplace conflicts gracefully and maintain positive relationships. 

    Time Management: Sharing effective strategies to maximise productivity and slash workplace stress through better time management. 

    Menopause: Providing support and understanding for individuals navigating the menopause journey, ensuring a supportive workplace culture. 

    Burnout Prevention: Offering techniques to thwart burnout and improve long-term employee wellbeing. 

    Endurance: Building mental and physical endurance to weather demanding work schedules. 

    Change Management: Navigating organisational changes seamlessly, minimising disruption along the way. 

    Men’s Mental Health: Addressing and supporting men’s mental health challenges within the workplace. 

    Our bespoke mental health training programs are meticulously tailored to suit your business, ensuring that your team receives training that’s not just relevant but also impactful and engaging. 

    Our Process

    Our approach to delivering bespoke mental health training involves tailoring our methods to suit your organisation’s unique needs and challenges.  

    We understand that every business in the UK has its own distinct culture, values, and specific requirements regarding mental health training. That’s why our process kicks off with a comprehensive consultation to understand your business’s needs. 

    dyk consulting

    Here’s how we do it: 

    Initial Consultation: Our seasoned trainers engage in a deep dive with critical stakeholders in your organisation. We aim to pinpoint your specific mental health and well-being goals, understand your employees’ unique hurdles, and the outcomes you’re looking to achieve through our training. 

    Tailored Programme Design: Armed with insights from the consultation, we craft a bespoke mental health training program. This program is meticulously designed to tackle the challenges and objectives identified, blending interactive sessions, practical exercises, and evidence-based practices tailored to your workplace environment. 

    Delivery by Experts: Our training is facilitated by certified mental health professionals with extensive industry experience. They bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world insights to the table, ensuring that your team learns and stays fully engaged throughout the journey. 

    Evaluation and Feedback: We’re firm believers in continuous improvement. Once the course wraps up, we gather participant feedback and assess the training’s impact. This feedback loop helps us refine and tailor future sessions, ensuring ongoing relevance and implications for your team. 

    Ongoing Support and Resources: Our commitment doesn’t end when the training does. We provide ongoing support and resources to help embed the learning within your organisation. This ensures that the effects of the bespoke mental health training endure, fostering a culture of mental well-being in your workplace. 

    By selecting PMAC for your mental health training needs, you’re opting for a customised, insightful, and impactful solution to cultivate a healthier, more resilient workforce within your organisation. 


    We work with all industries and sectors. Our team has vast experience in all key industries, including:

    – Public bodies

    – Professional Services

    – Healthcare

    – Marketing

    – Finance

    – Tech

    – Education

    – Manufacturing

    – Law enforcement & legal

    – Recruitment

    – Hospitality 

    Plus many more.

    We can cover any topic relating to wellbeing, mental health and getting the best out of staff.

    If there is a topic you would like us to cover that isn’t listed on the website, please get in touch with our team.

    As our sessions are bespoke, they can be as short or as long as you like. We have provided sessions that are only 30 minutes, and others that have been two full days.

    Please reach out to our team who can provide an estimate on training session length. 

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