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Mental Health Training for Manchester Businesses

There’s no other way to say it – Manchester’s business scene is thriving!  

In fact, a recent report suggested that between 2024 and 2026, Manchester will have the third fastest-growing economy, beaten just by Reading and London.  

As the city’s economic landscape expands, it’s no surprise that businesses increasingly recognise the importance of addressing mental health across their teams to continue succeeding and competing. For this reason and many more, mental health training in Manchester is becoming a highly sought-after opportunity.  

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What Mental Health Issues Are Businesses in Manchester Facing?

While known for its vibrant culture and iconic music scene, Manchester faces a lesser-discussed challenge — poor mental health within its community. In fact, one study found that mental health issues are higher in Greater Manchester. 

Across the city, 3,981 out of every 100,000 people get help for mental health, while nationally, it’s 2,176 per 100,000.  

So, what is contributing to this growing problem? 

  • Stress and Anxiety: The pace of city life, with its demanding work schedules and fast-paced lifestyles, often leads to heightened levels of stress and anxiety among individuals.  


  • Isolation: Despite its densely populated nature, urban living can sometimes isolate individuals from social support networks, exacerbating feelings of loneliness.  


  • Economic Factors: Economic disparities within different areas of Manchester can create significant stress, impacting mental wellbeing.  


  • Substance Use: The availability and consumption of substances in nightlife areas can contribute to mental health issues, including dependency and addiction.  


So, while Manchester may be charging forward as a significant player in the business landscape, there is a critical need for mental health support services, including comprehensive training programs aimed at both prevention and intervention.  

Professional Training

We deliver bespoke training for your staff/organisation


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We provide ongoing training and support to your organisation to ensure your staff are happy and healthy!

How Can Mental Health Training in Manchester Help?

Tailored mental health training in Manchester-based businesses equips employees and managers with the skills to recognise signs of mental distress and provide immediate support to their colleagues. This proactive approach is essential in creating a healthier, more resilient workforce and community, developing an environment where mental wellbeing is recognised as a crucial aspect of overall health.  

These bespoke programmes are designed to provide staff with the knowledge and tools to manage their mental wellbeing and the knowledge to support their colleagues appropriately. These sessions often cover a range of topics, including understanding common mental health issues, learning proactive coping strategies, as well as creating an open dialogue about mental health in professional settings.

Tailored Training

With Manchester’s diverse workforce and dynamic industries, customised mental health training can be particularly beneficial. Training tailored to specific sectors can address employees’ unique challenges and stressors, ensuring relevance and practical application.  

Leaders and managers can greatly benefit from mental health training. Identifying signs of mental distress, approaching sensitive conversations, and providing practical support can generate a leadership style prioritising employee wellbeing.  

As the conversation around mental health continues to grow, Manchester-based businesses that invest in comprehensive mental health training are positioning themselves as forward-thinking and employee-centric. This commitment not only enhances the welfare of employees but also helps the wider Manchester community tackle its growing numbers of mental health conditions. 

What Support is Available in Manchester?

For businesses and individuals seeking mental health training in Manchester, there’s a wealth of resources designed to educate and aid in developing a supportive and knowledgeable environment: 


  • Manchester Mind 

Manchester Mind is an independent local charity which believes in the power of offering the proper support at the right time. Dedicated to ensuring people do not face mental health issues alone, Manchester Mind provides tailored training programmes that aim to improve understanding and management of mental health in the workplace.  

  • Self Help  

Self Help is a non-profit that empowers people to manage their mental health through eTherapies and self-help groups, contributing positively to the overall training ecosystem in the city.  

  • The Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust 

The trust plays a significant role, providing comprehensive training that encompasses mental health awareness and coping strategies for employees, encouraging sustainable work life and productivity.  

  • PMAC 

PMAC specialises in providing psychologically informed bespoke training solutions to organisations globally. With qualified and experienced trainers, they offer a range of comprehensive training courses on a range of essential topics, including burnout, neurodivergence, anxiety, conflict resolution, and more, to small start-ups through to multinational corporations. 

It shouldn’t be hard to find mental health training in Manchester. With multiple organisations available to help, businesses should snap up the opportunity to enhance the resilience and wellbeing of their teams.  

The Benefits of In-Person Training

Utilising in-person mental health training sessions in Manchester is immensely beneficial. They provide a tactile learning environment, creating a sense of community and enabling direct interaction.  

One of the primary advantages of in-person training is the ability for participants to gain immediate feedback and clarification. This interaction encourages a level of conversation and understanding that can be pivotal to someone’s learning process and retention of information. When it comes to mental health training, this immediacy is paramount, as it allows employees to discuss sensitive matters in a confidential space and acquire coping strategies in real time.  

These sessions often lead to stronger emotional connections between colleagues, as shared experiences during the training can enhance mutual understanding and support within the team. Being physically present with others also ensures that everyone is engaged and focused, free from the distractions often accompanying online modules.  

Face-to-face workshops allow trainers to personalise the content to the group’s dynamics and the individual needs of attendees. This tailoring is less feasible in virtual settings, making in-person training a unique and valuable proposition.  

In-person mental health training in Manchester offers a robust, interactive, and personalised approach for businesses looking to invest in their staff’s wellbeing.   

This investment can have lasting positive impacts on the workplace atmosphere and individual employee wellbeing.  

The Benefits of Virtual Training

If in-person training isn’t suitable for your business, virtual training for mental health is an innovative and flexible solution for businesses that require it. 

 Its benefits include:  

  • Accessibility 

Remote workers and teams in different locations can easily participate, breaking down geographical barriers to mental health support.  

  • Convenience

Employees can engage in training sessions from the comfort of their homes or offices, reducing the time and costs associated with travel.  

  • Cost-Effectiveness 

Without physical spaces, businesses can save on venue and logistics expenses.  

  • Customisation 

Virtual training can be tailored to meet an organisation’s unique requirements, ensuring that specific mental health topics relevant to the business are addressed.  

  • Engagement 

Interactive tools and technologies can enhance learner engagement, providing a more memorable and effective training experience.  

  • Scalability 

It’s simpler to roll out training to a large number of employees simultaneously, which is particularly valuable for larger organisations.  

  • Data Collection 

Online platforms enable facilitators to collect data on participation and feedback, which can inform the effectiveness of the training.  

Finding the Right Provider

Choosing the right provider is crucial if you are considering mental health training in Manchester.  

A provider should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced challenges of mental health in the professional setting and possess a track record of delivering impactful training sessions that create a supportive culture.  

One thing to consider is finding a training provider who tailors their training to accommodate the specific needs of your business. The training should be adaptive, addressing various levels of the organisation, from leadership to entry-level employees. You should also consider their approach to inclusivity and the diversity of content they deliver. It’s essential that the training speaks to all team members, with case studies and scenarios that resonate with differing roles and experiences within your organisation. 

Lastly, pay attention to the accreditations and qualifications of the provider.  

Amidst the array of mental health providers in the region, PMAC emerges as a standout. Their focus is clear: to provide valuable mental health and wellbeing training tailored for employers and employees in Manchester. With a sincere commitment to nurturing workplace wellbeing, PMAC’s materials are designed to be relatable and practical, fostering a safer and more understanding work environment. 

PMAC’s affiliation with professional associations underscores their dedication to maintaining quality and staying up to date with best practices. Through their training modules, PMAC strives to ensure that every participant receives the support and guidance they need to navigate mental health challenges effectively. 

By aligning with the right training provider, you can equip your workforce with vital skills that contribute not only to the wellbeing of individual employees but also to the overall health of your organisation.  

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