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Mark Your Event With PMAC's Inspiring Mental Health Speakers

At PMAC, we’re not just professional speakers. We are catalysts of positive change, passionate about inspiring action within teams.  

Our mental health speakers will take you to a place where learning meets empathy, and mental health becomes a collective and compassionate commitment. 

Embark on a transformative journey with our inspiring speakers, where we take pride in delivering confident and professional presentations, breaking down barriers, and forging a warm, inclusive environment that promotes a healthier, more supportive workplace culture.  

Our commitment to mental health goes beyond words; it’s woven into the fabric of every session. We bring a genuine passion to our talks, backed by a vast bank of knowledge and real-world experience in the field. Our team understands the intricate complexities of mental health, and we are uniquely positioned to guide your team through insightful, engaging, and educational discussions. We strive to create a space where open and honest conversations thrive. 

With PMAC, your team will gain insights into their own mental well-being and a deeper understanding of their colleagues. This knowledge is a powerful tool, enabling them to support one another and contribute to a workplace culture that prioritises mental health. 

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    Professional Mental Health Speakers With First-hand Experience

    Our mental health speakers aren’t just experts by academic standards but are deeply connected through a vast range of personal and shared experiences. 

    While our speakers boast extensive knowledge and qualifications in psychology, counselling, and mental health nursing, what sets our team apart extends beyond certificates and degrees. 

    Each mental health speaker carries a personal journey and an intimate understanding of mental health conditions, enabling them to deliver talks that resonate with their audiences profoundly. Through sharing authentic, personal stories, they can provide valuable insights into the realities of navigating mental health challenges. 

    At PMAC, we firmly believe that mental health is a conversation that should involve everyone, so we strive to ensure that each speaker is adept at breaking down the jargon and explaining complex mental health topics in easily digestible segments.  

    Every one of our talks is not just informative but also accessible. We ensure that every audience member, regardless of background or prior knowledge, can learn, engage and leave feeling motivated to take the information and inspire change.   

    What Topics Can Our Speakers Cover?

    Our mental health speaking service offers a versatile and comprehensive approach, delving into various topics crucial for mental health and well-being within your organisation.  

    Understanding Mental Health 

    During their talk, our mental health speaker will unpack the fundamentals of mental health with you. They will guide your team through its significance, debunking common myths and addressing misconceptions.  

    They will shine a light on the impact of mental health issues on individuals and workplaces. 

    Identifying Mental Health Issues  

    Our mental health speakers aim to equip your team with the know-how to recognise the signs of mental health issues. We highlight the importance of early intervention and support, fostering a culture of care within your organisation. 


    Our team has professional and lived experience with neurodiversities including ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. We can help explain neurodiverse concepts, as well as provide insight into the day to day challenges that neurodiverse individuals face. Most importantly, we can highlight the benefits of neurodiversities and celebrate those who live with these conditions. Please see the training page for our Neurodiversity Awareness Training.

    Workplace Stress Management 

    Delve into stress management with one of our mental health speakers. We explore the intricate relationship between work-related stress and mental health. Our speakers provide practical strategies for effective stress management, contributing to a healthier work environment. 

    Promoting Mental Well-being  

    Our talks extend to practical steps for nurturing emotional well-being, incorporating mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and a balanced lifestyle. 

    Creating A Supportive Workplace Culture 

    Our speakers help managers and business owners explore the creation of a supportive, inclusive workplace culture that prioritises mental health, from implementing well-being policies to encouraging open conversations. 

    Mental Health Legislation and Compliance  

    Our mental health speakers will also ensure that your team is well-versed in legal obligations surrounding mental health in the workplace, including the Equality Act and Health and Safety legislation. 

    Tailored to your organisation’s needs, our mental health speaking sessions provide valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your team’s mental health literacy and resilience.  

    We provide a unique opportunity to deepen your workforce’s appreciation for mental health’s pivotal role in their lives. 


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    Kim Hung         

    I took the stress management training course in London and found it very useful.

    Posted 7 months ago

    Joel Clancy         

    My company opted to use PMAC for in-house training, Hayley was incredibly professional and fun to work with. 

    Posted 2 months ago

    Indrana Gupta         

    Feel so much more relaxed at work after training. Would recommend. 

    Posted 4 months ago

    A Trauma-Informed Approach

    We firmly advocate for the role of understanding and acknowledging the impact of trauma in mental health discourse.  

    Our mental health speakers undergo specialised training in a trauma-informed approach, ensuring their communication is infused with empathy, understanding, and respect. 

    This approach recognises that past traumas can leave a lasting impact and influence our mental and emotional well-being over time. It’s not just about recounting past events but understanding how these experiences shape one’s responses to different life situations. 


    In our trauma-informed mental health speaking sessions, we offer insights into identifying signs of trauma and how to implement effective coping mechanisms while cultivating environments that promote healing and resilience.  

    Whether you’re striving to enhance employee well-being or an individual seeking understanding, our mental health speakers craft a safe space that acknowledges past trauma, empowering individuals toward a healthier mental state. 

    Talks For The Neurodiverse

    Our mental health speakers possess an in-depth understanding of a diverse range of neurodivergences, including ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and Tourette’s Syndrome, among others.  

    Acknowledging the unique perspectives and intricate nuances of neurodivergent individuals, our speakers customise their delivery to ensure clarity, engagement, and comprehension for all participants. We firmly believe in providing access to quality mental health resources and education for everyone, regardless of their neurotype. 

    Moreover, our speakers are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment. They employ clear language and thoughtful pacing and offer multi-format materials to cater to various learning styles and preferences.  

    With PMAC’s mental health speaking service, you can confidently provide an accessible, understanding, and enriching experience for every team member. 

    Empowering Mental Health Speakers For Business

    We understand that each person’s journey with mental health is uniquely personal. Mental health is a spectrum, and the path to recovery is never a straight line. This recognition empowers our mental health speakers to craft talks that resonate individually, ensuring that everyone feels seen, heard, and understood. 

    Our talks go beyond education; they aim to ignite action. We firmly believe that shared understanding and collective action can pave the way for healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces throughout the UK.  

    Our mental health speaking services are about shining a light on mental health, spreading awareness, fostering understanding, and, most importantly, empowering everyone involved. We aim to spark a positive shift in how we perceive and manage mental health – one speech at a time. 


    PMAC’s mental health speaking service is an opportunity for organisations to have a member of our team attend a function or event, and present a talk on any topic relating to mental health/wellbeing. We can provide this as a company-branded talk if required (we act as a member of your company).

    A business may choose to hire a speaker if they have an upcoming company function that they wish to provide a wellbeing angle to. Our speakers can deliver to audiences up to thousands of people, so no crowd is too big (or small!).

    We would arrange an initial call with the stakeholder(s) to find out what their goals are for the talk. We will then produce a proposal for the content, and agree with stakeholders. Once the content has been produced, we will run thorugh with stakeholders until they are happy with the final version.

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