Self Management and Organisational Skills

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Self Management and Organisational Skills


Our self management training course is designed to help you be a more productive version of yourself. Relearn everything you thought you knew about utlising your strengths. Discover the power of saying “no” because self care isn’t optional. Understand how to effectively manage your colleagues/employees time and drive them to success.

Course Highlights

⦁ Time management – how to more effectively plan your time and resources.
⦁ Mental organisation skills – help you stay focussed, process information quicker and aid better memory retention.
⦁ Developing self-awareness – enabling you to play to your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.
⦁ Understanding the importance of self care – prioritising your wellbeing for better overall health and productivity.
⦁ Productive procrastination – leveraging time spent off task to increase productivity and overall wellbeing.

Remote & Nationwide Training Available

Appox. 2-4 Hours

£225 inc. VAT


4.8 rating 267 reviews

Terry F.         

I enjoyed the training that my company provided for us. Very informative and engaging.

Posted 7 months ago

Angela Tietze       

Fun, informative and engaging. Such a big weight off  my shoulders now.

Posted 2 months ago

Simon D.         

Good location for the training. Easily accessible and interesting course. 

Posted 4 months ago

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    "Our charity needed some training to assist our (not so!) organised project managers. We enlisted the help of PMAC who put a solid action plan in place to help us, very useful!"
    Janet McPherson
    Cient Services Coordinator, REG