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Neurodiversity Resources

Welcome to our Neurodiversity Resources page, where you can find a wealth of information on mental health and wellbeing, as it relates to neurodiversity. Neurodiversity is the concept that neurological differences, such as autism, are a normal part of the human experience and should be embraced. 

We believe in creating an inclusive environment for all individuals, regardless of neurological differences. On this page, youll find articles about neurodiversity and mental health topics, such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD and mental health in the workplace. We aim to provide an evidencebased approach to understanding and supporting neurodiversity in the workplace. 

Our articles are designed to provide employers with guidance on how to create an inclusive and supportive environment for neurodiverse individuals. We hope that you find these resources helpful and informative. We invite you to explore our articles and discover how you can support your staff and create a more inclusive workplace.

Employee Resources

How to Support Neurodiverse Colleagues

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term that refers to a wide range of neurological conditions, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Tourette Syndrome, among others. It is important to remember that neurodiversity is not a mental health disorder or illness; rather, it is a natural variation in how people think, learn, and process information.

Manager Resources

Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodiversity is the concept that recognizes that neurological differences such as autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia and ADHD are normal variations in the human population. It is based on the idea that these differences should be accepted and respected, just like any other form of diversity. Neurodiversity in the workplace is an important concept to understand, as it can have a major impact on an organization’s culture and performance.

The Benefits of Neurodiverse Teams in the Workplace

Neurodiversity acknowledges that people with neurological differences have unique perspectives, skills, and abilities that can be beneficial to the workplace. These differences can contribute to a more diverse and inclusive work environment, where different types of thinking and problem solving can be better utilised.

What Employers Need to Know About Neurodiversity in Recruitment

Neurodiversity is an alternative way of understanding and valuing neurological conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. It’s an alternative to the traditional medical model, which views neurological conditions as medical diagnoses to be treated, managed or cured. Instead, neurodiversity celebrates the diversity of the human brain and the unique strengths and experiences of those with neurological conditions.

Developing Neurodiversity Policies in the Workplace

Neurodiversity is the idea that neurological differences such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia should be accepted and respected as part of the natural variation among human beings, rather than seen as disorders to be fixed or eliminated. Neurodiversity is an increasingly popular concept in the workplace, as it encourages employers to create a more diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is accepted and respected.


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What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a term used to describe the natural variation of human neurology, including those with conditions such as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and Tourette syndrome. Neurodiversity is not a disorder or a disability. It is a natural part of human diversity, much like any other variation in human traits, such as gender, race, or religion.

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term which includes a range of different neurological conditions and differences, including learning disabilities, motor skills disorders, and mental health issues. Each neurological condition is unique and can affect people in different ways.

The concept of Neurodiversity has been gaining recognition in recent years, as an increasing number of people seek to raise awareness of the neurologically diverse and promote the acceptance of neurological differences. It is important to understand that Neurodiversity is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it a disability label. It is an appreciation of different neurological conditions and the recognition of the benefits that these differences can bring.

Neurodiversity can provide an opportunity to create a more inclusive environment, where everyone is respected and valued for their unique abilities and strengths. By valuing Neurodiversity, it is possible to create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance of different neurological differences. This can lead to a more productive and creative workplace, as well as a more tolerant and understanding society.

How can PMAC assist?

At PMAC, we understand that neurodiversity is a complex and varied concept and that it affects people in different ways. We provide bespoke training and awareness programmes to help organisations better understand and support the people they work with who are neurodiverse.

Our programmes are designed to help organisations create inclusive and supportive work environments, as well as help them embed neurodiversity awareness into their culture. We also provide support for employers to ensure that their recruitment, onboarding and development processes are accessible and inclusive for neurodiverse individuals.

Our team of experienced trainers and facilitators have extensive experience in the field of neurodiversity and are adept at delivering the latest and most effective strategies for improving the mental health and wellbeing of neurodiverse employees. We provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring, as well as group and team-based training sessions.

We also offer a range of resources and tools, such as workshops, webinars and toolkits, to help employers and employees gain a better understanding of neurodiversity, its implications and how to best support those affected by it.

By working with us, organisations can gain a better understanding of neurodiversity, as well as gain the skills and knowledge to support neurodiverse individuals in their workplace. We are committed to helping organisations create an inclusive and supportive environment for neurodiverse individuals, so that everyone can work together to create a better future.

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