The Importance of Human Interaction

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Now we are easing out of lockdown restrictions, many of us will be looking forward to seeing friends and family. We think it is important to remember why socialising is important for our own wellbeing.

Spending quality time with friends or loved ones can just feel good for the soul. Ever left a gathering with friends and felt refreshed and jovial?

Time spent with those that you trust and that care about you is good for everyone. Too much time time on your own can make you feel lonely and out of touch so it is important to make an effort to spend time with others.  

Benefits of Socialising

Improved Mental Health

Interacting with other human beings has been proven to be good for our mental health – after all, humans are social creatures!
This interaction fuels a release of serotonin which makes us feel happy and can help to lift our mood.

Social contact also helps us deal with stressful situations such as divorce, redundancies, moving house and even grieving. 

Physical Health

There is strong evidence to suggest that a lack of social interaction can negatively impact physical health too. 

Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin conducted a study which found that those who had a low quantity or quality of social interactions developed a range of health conditions including the development and worsening of cardiovascular disease, repeat heart attacks, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, cancer and slowed wound healing.

Safety and Security

Those who regularly interact with other humans on a social level have been found to feel safer and more secure than those who don’t.

Humans naturally strive to feel like they belong which naturally dovetails into feeling safe and secure when part of a social group.

Support Network/Confiding 

Having a close group of friends and/or family allows you to have people you can confide in. It is important for humans to talk about issues or concerns that may be bottled up. Having this support network in place allows conversations to flow freely both ways.