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Self Care when Working From Home

It is important to practice self care when working from home. Many of us are working from home and working harder than we were pre-pandemic, when we may have been in the office. 

A high percentage of staff often feel like they have to work harder at home due to “home-working guilt“. You may feel like you owe your employer more of your time due to colleagues being off to sickness/furlough and because you are not in the office.  

You may also feel like you have to prove you are actually working by overworking. Remember that we are in a unique situation and your self-care should come first.
At Work
Remember to…

Take regular breaks when you are working. Don’t feel guilty for taking 10-15 minutes throughout the day to clear your mindTake longer periods of time out from working if needed. 

Listen to your body, if you are experiencing brain fog or lack of motivation, you may need to take a longer break. Finish when you should finish! Don’t be tempted to stay on an extra 5 minutes to send that email, close your laptop and wind down.

Please contact us if you need any further help or guidance on self care when working from home during the pandemic.