Rediscovering your Inner Child

Rediscover your inner child to get in touch with your playful side, have some fun and take care of your mental health.

1. You can learn to have fun again for the sake of having fun.
Not to gain skills or to gain new hobbies, just enjoying yourself because you are enjoying yourself!

2. Helps you to live more in the moment.
Children are by nature more carefree. They tend to live in the present and tend not to be as preoccupied by worldly events, or as consumed by stresses and anxiety. Releasing your inner child may help you to feel a sense of freedom and respite from your daily life.

3. Spending time with your inner child can help you to rediscover your passions, the things that light your soul on fire. You can dream with no holds barred and know what you would want from an ideal world, and simply the image of that can be enough for you to enjoy

How can you get in touch with your inner child?

1. Play
Play hopscotch, play board games, go skipping, make up dance routines, go for bike rides. Anything that you enjoyed as a child, or anything you wanted to do as a child. Anything that makes you feel alive.

2. Use your imagination
Build a den, build a tree house, create a tree swing. Think outside of the box when having fun – there doesn’t have to be any limits – as long as you are enjoying yourself.

3. Get creative. 
Draw, paint, colour. Nobody has to see it! Get a colouring book, or paint by numbers, Paint with your fingers, or make potato stamps! There need be no agenda. Just do it and find yourself getting lost in the moment with your inner child.

4. Watch family films.
Films that you used to enjoy and knew line by line. Discover new children’s films. Laugh more loudly, sing along if you know the words, let the moment take you. Get all your favourite snacks together and enjoy them as a child would – without worrying about the ingredients!

5. Explore! 
Use your daily exercise allowance to explore! Go off the beaten path, explore the woods, climb trees. If you are with other members of your household – play tig, have races, play hide and seek.

Let go!
…for a day, an hour, whatever it may be; visualise yourself putting your anxieties and stresses away in a box. Make them inaccessible. For this hour or this day, they can wait. Put your phone away, ignore your emails, and free your mind. As a child you were not preoccuppied with meeting deadlines or other’s expectations, so don’t today either.

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