Scales of justice

Managing Anxiety whilst Seeking Legal Support

Legal matters often arise unexpectedly, and when they do, they can come with a shadow of uncertainty, which can lead to feelings of anxiety. Whether it’s a dispute, a contract negotiation, or a complex legal issue, the prospect of navigating the legal system can be daunting for anyone. According to recent statistics, anxiety levels can soar when individuals find themselves in need of legal advice.  Why can receiving legal advice… Read More »Managing Anxiety whilst Seeking Legal Support


Maternal Mental Health Week

Pregnancy and childbirth are transformative experiences that can bring immense joy, but they also come with significant emotional and psychological challenges. In the UK, maternal mental health is a significant public health concern with a considerable impact on both mothers and their families. According to the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), around one in five women experience mental health problems during pregnancy or within the first year after giving birth. Postpartum… Read More »Maternal Mental Health Week

climate change

Embracing Earth Day – Understanding Climate Anxiety

Earth Day is a poignant reminder of our planet’s beauty and wonder, as well as the wildlife, diversity, and communities that make it great. But it’s also an urgent reminder of the need to safeguard it. However, amidst the celebrations, we must also acknowledge the profound challenges climate change poses to our mental well-being.   So, how is the climate emergency intricately related to mental health, and what strategies can you… Read More »Embracing Earth Day – Understanding Climate Anxiety

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Nowadays, every day and every week is dedicated to something. Sometimes, we raise awareness of something vitally important people need to know more about, and some days, we just celebrate something silly. Well, for us and millions worldwide, one of the most important awareness weeks is just around the corner.   Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, an entire seven days dedicated to raising awareness about mental health’s impact on millions worldwide… Read More »Mental Health Awareness Week 2024


The Value of Face-to-Face Mental Health Training

Technology – it pervades every aspect of our lives. There is an app for pretty much everything right now. If you need help with something, you’re sure to find an app that will help. When it comes to stress, anxiety, panic, and ADHD, apps have emerged as a popular solution for addressing mental well-being. And it’s understandable why they’re so popular. They’re convenient and accessible. Many are free or offered… Read More »The Value of Face-to-Face Mental Health Training


Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

Neurodiversity Celebration Week in 2024 is from the 18th to the 24th of March, and it’s the perfect opportunity for managers to learn more about and celebrate all the unique strengths that neurodiversity offers.  According to the World Health Organisation and other researchers, it’s estimated that between 15% to 20% of people have some form of neurodivergence. And, despite it being so widespread, many neurodivergent individuals hide their unique traits from… Read More »Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

Self care

Top Tips for Self-Care

This week represents Self-Care Week, as outlined by the Self Care Forum charity.  Self-care is defined as proactively looking after ones own health and wellbeing, by using the information available to them to make informed decisions and choices.  The key word here is being proactive. Modern life can feel incredibly stressful and busy. We often have to contend with work, family/children, life admin, societal pressures and expectations. These pressures can be amplified for those who already experience challenges with… Read More »Top Tips for Self-Care


How to Unwind Without Alcohol

Wow, it seems like October is full of awareness campaigns – we have World Mental Health Day, Black History Month, Dyslexia Awareness Week, plus others (these can all be found on our free wellbeing calendar). It’s fantastic that there is so much awareness around these key areas! October also represents National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. We think this is a very important topic to address, especially in relation to workplace wellbeing. Many… Read More »How to Unwind Without Alcohol

Salad Bowl

Encouraging Healthier Relationships with Nutrition

The importance of proper nutrition in the workplace cannot be overstated. Studies show that workplace productivity and illness-related absenteeism are heavily affected by the lack of a healthy diet. More specifically, excessive weight gain caused by poor food choices has been linked to employees taking more sick days. As such, encouraging healthier relationships with eating in the workplace is vital. Considering that the majority of adults in the UK spend… Read More »Encouraging Healthier Relationships with Nutrition

Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Week for UK Businesses Since the pandemic, employers are increasingly aware of the impact of mental health in the workplace. Mental Health Awareness Week serves as an opportunity for UK businesses to prioritise the mental wellbeing of their staff. Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event that takes place this year in the UK from 15th-19th May. It is a week-long campaign, designed… Read More »Mental Health Awareness Week