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Mental Health Awareness Week

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The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Week for UK Businesses Since the pandemic, employers are increasingly aware of the impact of mental health in the workplace. Mental Health Awareness Week serves as an opportunity for UK businesses to prioritise the mental wellbeing of their staff. Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event that takes place this year in the UK from 15th-19th May. It is a week-long campaign, designed… Read More »Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Training For Managers and HR Teams

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Mental health challenges are a growing worldwide concern, especially in the wake of the pandemic which not only caused more mental health problems but also raised awareness of them. This is especially true in the workplace where both short and long-term absences are often a result of mental ill health. Rates of detection have improved, along with effective support – however the same cannot be said of training management and… Read More »Mental Health Training For Managers and HR Teams


Why do we act the way we do?

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The Caveman Mind The human mind has evolved to think in such a way that it naturally creates psychological suffering.  Wait, what?  Seriously! Our modern minds think and act the same way as if they were the minds of our ancestors many thousands of years ago. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, life was dangerous for our fellow humans and our minds have adapted to constantly look out for threats and anything that may… Read More »Why do we act the way we do?

Setting goals in 2022

Setting Goals in 2022

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“If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 hours sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln Buck the Trend January is supposed to be the most depressing month of the year. We at PMAC think this is a depressing statistic and you should look at setting goals in 2022! Any time is what you make of it. Forge your own path and have the best January… Read More »Setting Goals in 2022


Creating Empathy in the Workplace

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Empathy represents the ability to understand someone else’s thoughts and feelings. In other words: compassion. Listening to your coworkers and taking their concerns into consideration. Creating empathy in the workplace is important to ensure productivity and staff wellbeing. The importance of empathy in business is rooted in data. According to Businessolver’s 2017 Workplace Empathy Monitorreport, empathy has a direct impact on employee productivity, loyalty, and engagement.  77% of workers would be willing… Read More »Creating Empathy in the Workplace


The Importance of Human Interaction

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Humans are social creatures, and interaction with others is an essential part of life. From talking to family and friends, to working in a team at the office, human interaction is vital for humans to thrive. In today’s digital world, it can be tempting to rely more on technology and digital communication, but there are many benefits to human interaction that cannot be replicated. Humans are hardwired to interact with… Read More »The Importance of Human Interaction

importance of sleep

The Importance of Sleep!

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Why is sleep important? If you’re like me, you love your sleep. There is no better feeling than climbing into a comfortable bed after a tiring day. What we don’t realise is that the importance of sleep quality can have a huge impact on your mental health. Living with a mental health problem can affect your sleep, and poor sleep can affect your mental health. Contact us if you need help… Read More »The Importance of Sleep!


Rediscovering your Inner Child

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Rediscover your inner child to get in touch with your playful side, have some fun and take care of your mental health. 1. You can learn to have fun again for the sake of having fun.Not to gain skills or to gain new hobbies, just enjoying yourself because you are enjoying yourself! 2. Helps you to live more in the moment.Children are by nature more carefree. They tend to live in the present… Read More »Rediscovering your Inner Child

difficult conversation

How to manage difficult conversations

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How to manage difficult conversations can be a very complex topic. Difficult conversations are a certainty in life, just as certain as the sun rising and setting each day – unless you live in the North West where it doesn’t seem to do either. The fact is many of us do not feel comfortable engaging in difficult conversations, whether it be with a family member, employee, colleague or friend, even though these conversations… Read More »How to manage difficult conversations


How does food affect your mood?

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Knowing how food affects your mood can be really confusing, especially when it feels like the advice changes regularly. However, evidence suggests that as well as affecting our physical health, what we eat may also affect the way we feel.Improving your diet may help to: – Improve your mood – Give you more energy – Help you think more clearly. Eating regularly If your blood sugar drops you might feel tired, irritable… Read More »How does food affect your mood?