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Conflict Management

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Stop seeing conflict as the end of a relationship and start seeing it as an opportunity to deepen your relationships. Learn how to better understand yourself through taking a closer look at your reactions to conflict and learn to hear what people are really communicating. See anger and agitation as amplifiers of a deeper message rather than just an attempt to intimidate. 

Course Highlights

⦁ Identifying factors that lead to conflict.
⦁ Identifying enviroinmental triggers for conflict.
⦁ Opening the lines of communication between staff at all levels.
⦁ Developing active listening skills to facilitate understanding as opposed to reacting
⦁ How to move forward together after conflict.

A combination of interactive presentations, group discussions and activities will give you all of the tools you need to successfully manage workplace conflict. 

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Approx. 3-4 Hours

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    Managing Conflict/Conflict in the Workplace

    We will all experience some type of conflict multiple times during our lives, whether it be with our families, friends, colleagues or even strangers. Conflict is defined as a serious disagreement or argument between two or more people. As humans, we will naturally disagree with each other as we all have our own personalities and views, and some conflict can actually be a sign of a healthy relationship.

    Problems arise when a disagreement escalates and there is no resolution in sight. At this point, we have to learn how to manage conflict so that a resolution can be reached and we can progress forward. It is especially important to manage conflict in the workplace so that working relationships can be restored and the business can progress. Conflict can lead to poor mental healthstress and other unwanted conditions. 

    How do I manage conflict?

    It can be very difficult to learn to manage conflict as it involves having empathy, usually at a time when your emotions are at their highest. These emotions can include stress, anger, upset and even depression. To begin to resolve conflict, you need to understand what the other person is thinking, why they are thinking it and their reasoning. It is only after you see the situation from their perspective, can you begin to understand your own actions and control the situation.

    Managing conflict also involves being humble, meaning that you think about others more and yourself less (at least in this current situation). Even if you factually know that the other person is in the wrong, you should always attempt to extend an olive branch as it will not only assist in managing the conflict, it will help build your own character and put you in a better position.

    How can we help?

    PMAC provides detailed and interactive conflict management training which is designed to help individuals and employees manage conflict situations. We run regular, scheduled training courses as well as bespoke in-house training which consists of presentations, group discussions and interactive activities.

    Please get in touch to find out more about how we can assist.

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