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It is estimated that the average person will spend approximately 90,000 hours at work across their lifetime, and reports suggest that Britons think about quitting their jobs an average of 16 times a year! Spending roughly one third of our lives at work, it is inevitable that work has the power to impact our wellbeing and overall quality of life significantly – for better or for worse.

Whilst enjoying your work is a bonus, ultimately we all work out of necessity – to eat and keep a roof over our heads! At PMAC our passion therefore is equipping employers and employees with the tools and skills to make work as positive and rewarding an experience as possible. Whether that be by increasing self-awareness, improving communication skills, learning to support colleagues or implementing practical, evidence-based strategies.

Your wellbeing is our work.

75% of employees are at risk from mental health issues
83% of staff do not know how to manage stress
60% of companies don't have a wellbeing plan in place

What sets us apart?

It’s our values and beliefs that truly set us apart from other health and wellbeing training providers. We believe that everyone has the ability to be the best version of themselves, and all it takes to achieve this is some minor tweaks to the way we think, behave and interact with the world. Our mission is to assist everyone with issues that they face, whether it be with mental health, resilience, dealing with stress or conflict management. 

Our training is completely bespoke for our clients. We like to investigate the issues that clients face which allows us to alter our approach to ensure the training has the largest positive impact.

In addition to the excpetionally high standard of work we offer, we are also commited to making a real difference in the world which is why we support charities and other organisations with their training requirements and offer large discounts to NPO’s.