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It is estimated that the average person will spend approximately 90,000 hours at work across their lifetime, and reports suggest that Britons think about quitting their jobs an average of 16 times a year! Spending roughly one third of our lives at work, it is inevitable that work has the power to impact our wellbeing and overall quality of life significantly – for better or for worse.

Whilst enjoying your work is a bonus, ultimately we all work out of necessity – to eat and keep a roof over our heads! At PMAC our passion therefore is equipping employers and employees with the tools and skills to make work as positive and rewarding an experience as possible. Whether that be by increasing self-awareness, improving communication skills, learning to support colleagues or implementing practical, evidence-based strategies.

75% of employees are at risk from mental health issues
83% of staff do not know how to manage stress
60% of companies don't have a wellbeing plan in place
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Our sessions teach you the why, the when and the how…

  • Why do we respond the way we do?
  • Why do the evidence-based strategies we teach, work?
  • When will you start to notice a difference
  • When & How to use the strategies!

We give attendees the experience of using strategies during sessions increasing the likelihood they will use them outside of the session.

We know that not one tool will work for everyone – so we offer options to increase the likelihood of every attendee discovering something that works for them.

We help attendees action their learnings, whilst anticipating and pre-empting barriers to implementation.

Your wellbeing is our work


4.8 rating 267 reviews

Kim Hung         

I took the stress management training course in London and found it very useful.

Posted 3 months ago

Joel Clancy         

My company opted to use PMAC for in-house training, Hayley was incredibly professional and fun to work with. 

Posted 7 months ago

Indrana Gupta         

Feel so much more relaxed at work after training. Would recommend. 

Posted 1 month ago

Our Team

Hayley Broughton-McKinna

Training Director


Hayley is a qualified Associate Psychological Practitioner with over 10 years professional experience. Hayley holds a Bsc in Psychology obtained at the University of Manchester, and a PGDip as an Associate Psychological Practitioner from the University of Central Lancashire.

Hayley prides herself on her ever-expanding psychological knowledge and specialises in workplace wellbeing.

Aimee Sullivan


Aimee Sullivan

Aimee is passionate about all things mental health related and holds a First Class degree in Psychology from the University of Central Lancashire.

Aimee’s goal is to empower people to build a future that does not feel defined by their experiences, by using their knowledge and experience to take control of their healing and improve their lives.

Jamie Edwards

Training Manager


Jamie is an experienced manager and mental health advocate who oversees and supervises our training operation. Born and raised in Manchester, he has vast experience in the training sector across O&G, Education & Engineering.

He is responsible for our marketing campaigns and the day to day running of our public training courses.

"We commissioned PMAC to conduct in-house training at our company on how staff can learn to manage stress. Hayley was a really intuitive and intelligent trainer, despite her age! We would recommend PMAC to any company looking for professional training."
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