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PMAC specialises in providing psychologically informed bespoke training solutions to organisations globally
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Who Are We?

We are a UK based organisation of mental health & wellbeing trainers providing psychologically-informed workplace training to businesses in the UK, helping to create a healthier and more productive working environment.

At PMAC, we realise that mental health is a growing concern in the workplace. Poor mental health can have a serious impact on productivity, morale, and overall wellbeing of employees. Our mission is to help businesses create a positive and supportive atmosphere to ensure that their employees are mentally healthy and resilient.

We provide a range of mental health training services to businesses of all sizes. Our courses are tailored to the individual needs of each business and can be adapted to suit any learning style. We provide online courses, face-to-face workshops, group discussions, and expert guidance to ensure that businesses are equipped to support their employees.

Our courses cover a wide range of topics, including understanding mental health, managing stress and anxiety, and developing resilience. We also provide guidance on how to create a positive working environment, and how to recognise and support employees who are struggling with their mental health.

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We take a psychologically informed approach to mental health training. We don’t just focus on the individual, but rather we look at the wider organisation and how it can create a supportive and healthy environment for everyone. Our unique approach allows us to provide a comprehensive mental health training solution that is tailored to each business.

At PMAC, we believe that mental health is everyone’s responsibility. We provide the tools and guidance to help businesses create a mentally healthy workplace, one that is supportive, understanding, and safe. Our courses are designed to help businesses understand the importance of mental health, recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, and provide effective support to their employees.

We are committed to helping businesses create a healthier and more productive working environment. Our experienced team of mental health professionals are here to provide expert advice and support, to ensure that your business has the best chance of success.

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Really informative and gave me a good insight into how Neurodiversity affects things. Would 100% recommend.
Lauren Yates
Lauren Yates
The Neurodiversity in the Workplace session I attended was brilliant. Since my son received his Autism diagnosis, I have attend lots of training, webinars and conferences. This session was by far the most informative. It was delivered with enthusiasm and by someone with lived experience. I would highly recommend this session.
Helen Harris
Helen Harris
Attended the Neurodivergence in the Workplace bitesize webinar. A lot of content covered in 45 minutes by the wonderful Hayley. Extremely informative and helpful in how neurodivergence in the workplace can be better supported. Thank you pmac team.
Max Last
Max Last
We had a training session provided by Hayley from PMAC. The training was informative, engaging and all participants were encouraged to participate during the session. Would definitely recommend Hayley and PMAC if you have any training needs! 5* all the way!
Kaine Beetham
Kaine Beetham
PMAC wrote two articles on mental health issues for unpaid carers which were published on our website and in our magazine, Carers News. We were delighted with the quality of the both the pieces, particularly how they related to our target audience, and the positive response they received.
Carers Support Centre
Carers Support Centre
I approached PMAC for some training earlier this year to improve my ability to support our staff members. The training was absolutely brilliant. They phoned me in advance to get an idea of what exactly I needed, and how they could best tailor it to our business/ individuals. This really helped to personalise the experience - I've had so many instances of generic training in the past - it was great that they considered what elements they could specifically touch on in order to make the training bespoke for us. On the day itself, we did virtual training (although in person was also an option). The quality of the video/audio was great. The trainer (Hayley) was absolutely wonderful. She had prepared an extremely thorough and engaging presentation for us. The training lasted for 4 hours but had a couple of breaks in which did help. It was great to have training from someone who has such a well rounded knowledge of the issues we wanted to learn about, and her delivery was excellent - she was open to answering uncomfortable questions - and encouraged us to be open and not shy away from what could have been quite delicate issues. She then followed up the training with the power point, and assured us that we could call for help again if needed. 10/10 experience - would very very highly recommend! Thank you Hayley and Peter for all of your help!
Charlotte Kippax
Charlotte Kippax
Hayley is a really engaging presenter and the two ‘Introduction to Neurodivergence’ webinars that she ran for us were excellent. The content was super interesting and informative, and it was a great opportunity to open up conversations in the team about neurodivergence. The feedback from everyone (myself included!) was really positive and I’d definitely recommend PMAC to anybody looking for mental health training.
Erica Mackay
Erica Mackay
We have worked with PMAC for several bespoke training sessions, as well as regularly attending their webinars, and couldn't recommend them highly enough! Everything from their understanding of topic areas to how they approach and deliver sessions is collaborative and high quality. Our team members and leaders alike have benefited, boosting enthusiasm, engagement and understanding. Always a joy to work with - I look forward to working together again in future!
Lauren White
Lauren White
I've attended a number of PMAC short webinars held over lunch breaks, usually hosted by Hayely, who is fabulous! Great, bitesized pieces of advice, with interaction for those wishing to participate.
Tansy Hanson
Tansy Hanson
This workshop /course is one of the most brilliant i have ever been on It is filled with immense, knowledge, wisdom, insightfulness & brilliant, immense enlightenment I strongly recommend this workshop/course for others-Completely
Eveleena Duggan
Eveleena Duggan
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Our Mission

We have never enjoyed so much freedom and flexibility in our working lives, however with this comes new and unique pressures, made no easier by daily stressors and global challenges. It is our responsibility as individuals to be proactive in taking care of our health and wellbeing, both physical and emotional. With the average person spending 1/3 of their lives at work, making time to tend to your needs can feel like an impossible task! That’s why at PMAC we strive to provide you with strategies that you can apply effortlessly, whether in your personal life or in the workplace.

For employers, there has never been so much expectation to take care of your employees, be responsive to their needs and to ensure their psychological safety at work. Our mission is simple: to provide bespoke, engaging, memorable training that not only equips your staff with the knowledge and the tools to enhance their wellbeing, but empowers them to do so. If you take care of your staff, they’ll take care of your business.

Prepare to change the way you think about wellbeing, to revolutionize your habits, and to greet challenges with a smile.

Your wellbeing is our work

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