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PMAC specialises in providing bespoke training solutions to individuals and organisations across the UK.

Who Are We?

PMAC has been established since 2018, providing professional training services in the private and corporate sectors. We are well versed in the delivery of mental health training courses for workplaces and charities. Our bespoke mental health training is designed to give employers and employees the tools they need to ensure their workforce remains happy and healthy, and is functioning as productively as possible.

Our professional management consultants deliver mental health training and stress reduction training to ensure you have the tools needed to better manage yourself. Our wellbeing training will put an action plan together to ensure your company can support the health of your employees.

We are trusted across the UK by many private companies, charities and organisations to train their workforce. Our trainer has extensive knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions and overall mental wellbeing. 

We also run regular, scheduled training courses on various topics including; stress managementconflict in the workplace and organisational skills.

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Our Mission

As our civilisation develops, so does the people within it and the way we work. Our working life has never had so much freedom, flexibility and creativity. With these positive aspects come the pressures and hurdles of our working world. It has never been so important to ensure that as individuals, we are taking care of ourselves mentally and physically, and as employers, we are looking out for our employees’ wellbeing. 

Mental health issues in our workplaces are at an all time high due to societal and workplace pressures. Our mission is to provide uniquely engaging and revolutionary training to ensure every individual and employee is being the absolute best version of themselves that they can be. Our bespoke training courses will change the way you think about those around you, your workplace environment, and the world you are interacting with. 

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The most important relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves. We spend more time with ourselves than anyone else. We talk internally to ourselves more than we talk to anyone else!

You deserve to treat yourself this Valentine's weekend. You owe it to yourself! You owe it to the version of you that survived that heartbreak you never thought you'd get over. You owe it to the version of yourself that made brave decisions to get you to where you are today. You owe it to the versions of you that gave you some of the best days of your life, and memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

The ancient Greeks recognised 7+ different types of love, and this weekend we urge you to celebrate each and every one of them 💖

Love to all who have love for all!

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After a storm the air feels lighter, the sunshine brighter, and rainbows may even appear.

Storms serve as a beautiful reminder of how important it is to let it all out. All your anger, your tears, your frustrations. Really truly releasing all of that emotion and all of that energy how ever you need to can be incredibly cathartic, and can help you to feel a million times better afterwards.

Remember that there is also a calm AFTER the storm, and it can be truly beautiful.

#storm #staysafe #release #calm

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Today on #bluemonday we stand with @samaritanscharity and encourage you to take part in #brewmonday.

Take some time today to connect with family, with friends, with anyone who makes you feel good about yourself. January is notorious for being a difficult month. When you combine this with being in a lockdown and trying to survive a global pandemic, it would be fair to say that our mental health and wellbeing is well and truly being put to the test.

Try and flip that feeling blue into doing something for YOU, and to reach out to the people who make your day that little bit brighter. Call or video chat if you can. Texting can be useful but hear a human voice today if you can ☎️🤳

Even the worst day of your life is only 24 hours.

Take care of yourselves

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4.8 rating 267 reviews

Owen McGinty         

The Mental Health First Aid training was very professional. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to train their staff. 

Posted 2 months ago

Mark Trowbridge         

Hayley was a great trainer. We will be in contact for any future training. Thanks, Mark. 

Posted 9 months ago

Sally Taylor       

We used PMAC to get 12 staff members trained up in Mental Health First Aid. The trainer was professional and knowledgeable. The staff found it very useful.

Posted 5 months ago

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